Paul Weissman was born and raised on Long Island. He grew up wanting to be a writer, his biggest influences at the time being Stephen King and Ray Bradbury. But in college, he was bitten by the legendary acting bug and he was off to the races.

Based in New York, he has performed Shakespeare, O’Neill, original comedies and dramas, bawdy musicals, sketch shows, costume dramas, etc. He has toured across the country acting poetry for children.

On film he has portrayed, among other things,  a twenty one year old virgin (at age 30), a theoretical physicist, a well intentioned, though well lubricated father, a zombie hunter (using a trusty Nerf gun), and the reincarnation of King Arthur. He has two plays he has written produced as well as short one acts. He is married to a wonderful singer and father to the cutest lil ole thing to walk the earth.